First set of interviews

Vroom Vroom

Today we took some interviews while at the bus stop. The information that we collated was interesting but the general opinion was that bus’s need to be more frequent and on time.


As the image below shows there were a lot of people queuing for 1 bus. This meant that the bus probably departed late and it is possible that not everyone may have got on. Another problem with UWE bus’s that we noted in our research is that sometimes you may queue for a bus yet they are sometimes too full and that means you can’t get on and are late.


The journey map for one of the interviewees. Starts at Nevil Road, goes up Gloucester Road onto Filton Avenue to UWE.

Journey Map

The journey map above shows the journey of one of the interviewees by bus. The journey by bus is 3.8 miles. It starts at the Nevil Road bus stop, going up Gloucester Road and then onto Filton Avenue. The bus turns right onto Station Road, before going through a residential area to get to UWE.

Below is a map showing a car driver who also walks. This interviewee’s journey covers 2.4miles (15-25mins at peak) and parks off campus, then walks a further 0.8miles (10-12mins) to university.

route map 2

Route Map 2 – Showing car driver’s route.


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