Bus Congestion Problem

Vroom Vroom

In an interview with 2nd year UWE student who commutes regularly via bus,  we discussed a familiar issue regarding busses at full capacity and the problems it may be causing people living in certain areas of Bristol. In their case the route being effected is the 71 ‘First’ bus service running from the city centre up through Gloucester Road and Filton Avenue. They also explained that this problem occurs only during peak times between 8 and 9 am for morning lectures.

Rather than focusing on the busy inconveniences during these peak times, they spoke more interestingly about how rider congestion may be affecting people differently along the route, depending on which stop they would be waiting. They noticed that some stops later up the line where being missed completely by busses at maximum capacity, in turn affect students schedule in getting to their lectures on time. For my interviewees situation, living closer to the city centre allows them to secure a place before the bus fills up.






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