Research on UWE Transport Policies

Vroom Vroom

We conducted research on UWE’s strategies and policies regarding the First and Wessex Bus services along with the existing infrastructure available. Here are our findings:

UWE Policies and Strategies:

  • UWE supply TravelWest information all over their website.
  • They often have First at Wessex Buses stalls at UWE
  • It gives notice on the website of any changes to buses or there routes and the date that it changes.
  • Advertise tickets for long term bus tickets on the website
  • Try to offer the most different routes possible so people can get lots of places.
  • Buses that run late at night still stop at UWE for students, also for safety.

Existing infrastructures that exist for UWE Buses:

  • They have a live timetable board at the UWE bus station for live updates.
  • An info point at the bus stop to ask questions about travel
  • You can get the timetable leaflets at UWE
  • Leaflets are provided when you start living in halls.
  • Links from UWE website in the transport sections for more information from the bus companies themselves.

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