Design Brief – Vroom Vroom

Vroom Vroom

Project Summary

We have decided to target our project to students who take the bus and live local to UWE Frenchay. We have decided to encourage students to increase their amount of physical activity, which will then result in improving the problems that surround the bus transport systems.


Current Situation

One of the main problems is that buses are regularly at full capacity; especially for those closer to UWE. These buses are often late, overcrowded, which creates frustration amongst many students. This problem is more evident at peak times where students are turned away from overcrowded buses. We found that students considered walking but often didn’t as different factors (such as weather, motivation, time) contributed to their decision.


What problem are you trying to solve?

Many students are wasting time waiting for buses that are likely to be late or full. We want to change this. We want to make sure students are not wasting time, and address the advantages of increasing physical activity. If we encourage more students closer to UWE to walk to campus, this will also begin to solve the other problem of overcrowded buses.


Who is this going to impact on?

Although the benefits will be shared by the wider community, such as other commuters not associated with UWE, the major impact will be felt for UWE students closest to UWE.


What are your constraints?

Weather conditions are likely to be a main constraint, as research suggests students don’t like to walk during cold and wet conditions. Further constraints may include budgetary conditions as well as the current systems in place along bus routes. In addition, we should consider the current technology systems already in place.


What resolution will the final prototype be?

We aim to create a ‘low-fidelity’ prototype demonstrating the basic ideas and functionality of our project. In addition, we will also create visual mock-ups of how the end product might look in context.


What is your schedule for the project?

After gathering information using thematic analysis, we will spend a week analysis our findings, another week developing our initial ideas, and then another week refining these ideas into an end product.





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