Initial Ideas

Vroom Vroom

Here are brief descriptions of each initial idea we came up with during our prototyping sessions. Our ideas focus on the themes of time, experience and health. These encompass our design space by encouraging walking and increasing physical activity.


DESCRIPTION: One of the first ideas we came up with was a simple flip clock by the entrance of each bus for passengers to manually turn over a digit when they get on and off the bus. A possible extension to this would be electronically counting and communicated this data on existing visual display boards.

APPEAL: Being a low tech solution is one of the main attraction towards this idea as it would be easy to use and quick to convey the buses capacity to people waiting at the stop. This idea could also be beneficial to all members of the public using the bus service.

PROBLEM: One of the main issues with this solution is relying on the public to involve themselves in a system which adds an extra level of complexity to their travel experience. This solution also does not solve the problem of congestion but instead acts as an informing service. This role could also be integrated in other ways, such as the ticketing system.


Flip counter idea sketch


DESCRIPTION: By using the digital advertising display at some of the stops, this idea works by displaying a 3D arrow on this screen to show the compass direction of where the next stop is situated on the line which goes to UWE. The arrows colour could also help to convey a message of whether it’s possible to make it to the next stop in time by changing the arrows colour from red to green.

APPEAL: This idea works with the existing technology already in place at the bus stops to encourage student to walk to the next stop. This, in turn helps achieve our goal of increasing physical activity. The strong visual aspect using only colour is another appeal as it can convey a message in a much faster way.

PROBLEM: We figured that this idea becomes partly redundant as students (which this idea is directly aimed towards) will already know which direction the bus is going towards UWE.


3D arrow board idea sketch

DESCRIPTION: We wanted to use an already existing infrastructure, so we talked about using the digital screens that hang down from the top of the bus stop and providing facts to the people waiting at the bus stop to encourage them to either walk their journey or walk to the next bus stop to get some exercise. We wanted to provide interesting facts that will either get people to walk the whole journey or part of it.

APPEAL: Encouraging exercise and trying to use an already existing infrastructure. Also by walking further to another stop, it appears to make the journey shorter by having less waiting time for a delayed bus.

PROBLEM: Interrupts existing information that the bus rider’s already need and would detract from the key data. Perhaps too small to display interesting information that we want to include.


Fact board idea sketch


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