Week 5 Overview

Making Things Usable

In this session we began by looking at the relationships people have with things. We started to talk about Affordances, Signifiers, Mapping, Feedback, Flexibility and Constraints.

We then spent 45 mins looking around the University in groups trying to find examples of design principles from this worksheet:


Below you can see some of the examples from my twitter of the design principles that I found. I used storify to show all of my tweets together:


After we came back and looked through all of our tweets and started to talk about usability. We looked at 2 websites, Zazzle and Shirtinator. Both of these were websites where you design your own t-shirt. In groups we went through the website to mock up a t-shirt. After using both websites, we used a Usability Questionnaire that is based on the CSUQ by Lewis(1995), CSUQ which stands for Computer System Usability Questionnaire.

After everyone in the class had filled out the form the data was collated in an excel format so that we could review it and make some graphs to show our findings.

Here is one of the graphs we made:

Picture1.pngThis shows all of the different groups and how they rated the overall satisfaction of the system – this is just one of the questions we were asked.

By looking at this information we are able to understand that different people had different experiences with the usability of each system but overall Zazzle had the higher overall satisfaction.


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